How it Works

Bonus Ads Point (BAP)

Bonus Ads that you receive in your account can reach up to $75000 depending on the level you are in. The more ads you buy the higher your bonus ad will go. For every ad you purchase you will receive their worth of 175% as bonus ad points. So for every ad campaign, you get 1750 BAP where 1 BAP = $0.001. Based on that you will receive higher or lower earnings depending of the BAP level you are in as shown below:

Auto Ad Filter

We have enabled ad filter for blocking low value ads. You receive always high value ads depending on Group Level. Simply, you can save your money for Ad Filter.


We delivered proven high value users to your website, starting as low as $1.00 for an ad campaign. In order to see other advertisements all you need to do is click the ad and wait for it to be verified by the system.