Frequently Asked Questions

ClickableAdz can pay you to interact with other advertisers. Advertisements purchased in our system are delivered to other advertisers and converted into cash ads that they can click to earn and deliver you the visits purchased. We deliver quality advertisements and a way for people to make an online income.
No deposits are required in order for you to start earning from ClickableAdz. As we deliver Bonus ad Points Credits to everyone so in order to be qualified to receive ads you need to click the Bonus ad Points that are delivered to your account, these ads don't pay you cash but they give you credits. After that you will receive ads in the Paid Ads section of our website. Every 1000 Bonus ad Points, will deliver you $1.00 worth of ads in your account. You can also earn by referring other members using your referral link found in your account, for every referrals you bring , you get 10% of their ad Pack purchases.
Minimum cashout you can request in any of the following processors (PerfectMoney, Payeer) is $0.10 where Bitcoin is $10 and maximum withdraw limit $500.00 daily and that will be sent in maximum 2 seconds (instant) into your Paying Account. All payments are done instantly for all members.
No you can't, you can only see one ad at a time. Also you are not allowed to use any kind of Bots, or automated softwares to see the ads, any attempt to do so will result in a permanent account suspension.
You are required to see your Bonus ads daily, for every BonusAds you view also add 1 day of active status to your account, if your active status will reach 0 your account status will change to innactive and you won't be able to receive any paid ads. Viewing ads is simple just click the ad in your account that will open another page where you have to wait 5 seconds ( required to keep the window focused ), after that it will show the status viewed.
No, we dont provide low value ads. Auto Ads filter is automatically apply.
Every Bonus ad Point will deliver ads worth of $0.001 to your account. When every Paid Ad is delivered to your account yous Bonus ad Points get deducted depending on the amount you received.
By viewing the BonusAds delivered to your account daily, you will receive Bonus ad Points each day. Each Bonus ads worth $0.001.
In addition to free ways earning Bonus ad Points you can earn Bonus ad Points by advertising with us. Every $1.00 worth of Ad Campaigns you purchase will add 1750 Bonus ad Points to your account.
You will earn 10% of your referral purchases that are delivered instantly into your purchase balance, ex: if your referral purchase $1000 worth of ads compaign you receive $100 commission.
Yes they are. Your ad will start delivering visits immediately as it is active on our website. Your advertisement might be deleted if it doesn't comply with our Terms of Service.
We use the following payment methods:
1. Perfect Money
2. Payeer
3. Bitcoin